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SORET ENGINEERING CO. bears the reputation and long experience as the runners of a Diesel Engine manufacturing unit, successfully running since last 40 years. It was founded by the "well known Group" with the commitment to give the highest quality and maximum gain to the customers. This commitment has now become a tradition of the group.
Continuing the same tradition, the group has stepped into the field of manufacturing of AISI 316 High Grade Stainless Steel Architectural Hardware under the name FORCE since 2005 with a motto to provide the innovative, elegant, durable, and state-of-the-art products and total satisfaction of its esteemed customers.

The word FORCE has so many meanings. It can be approximately defined as an element without which noting in the universe can be created or sustained. Power, strength, energy, etc. are parallel words for force. It is an invisible phenomena which can be perceived only be its effects. Among many meanings, one is - "a group of people working together for a particular purpose." Keeping in mind all these meanings, we have chosen our brand name which reflect the materialization of manual, emotional and intellectual forces as well as the creation by a group FORCE of the people committed to quality and total satisfaction of the customers. That is why our group can be referred to as a FORCE that makes the fusion of soul soothing-eye pleasing beauty and strength to last for years over years.

Versatile Products

FORCE enables you to choose from the treasure of versatile products. Each product comes with the fusion of fascinating aesthetics and sound functionality, simplicity and stylishness, tradition and modernity, sophistication and sturdiness.

By providing glittering touch, the products and made scratch resistant, colorfast, better corrosion resistant and thereby making them nearly your lifelong assets.

Our Mission

Our only mission is to create firm footh holds in Indian as well as Global market. We do understand that this mission can be accomplished only through the highest and finest quality, persistent diligence, and constantly keeping pace with the ever increasing expectations of the the customers at homeland and abroad. So, our mission itself tells the rest and guarantees the thorough maintenance of the stringent quality standards, business ethics and meticulous workmanship.

Raw Material

High Grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel is used as a raw material for our stainless steel products. Fasteners are manufactured from Brass extruder bars which ensures the longer life and anti corrosive properties of the threads resulting in enhancement in sturdiness and stability of the products. Also wood of the finest quality is used in the combo products.

AISI 316 Stainless Steel withstands the hazardous effects of atmospheric and chemical elements. It repels the bacteria to considerable extent which makes the products most suitable for use at Health-Care centers, Educational Institutes, Kitchens and Eating places, Lavatories etc.

AISI 316 Stainless Steel is used in the food industries also. All these characteristics make the material unparalleled raw material for the highest quality production.

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